We are a new startup linked to global trends

In a complicated world, we come up with solutions

In addition to helping you tackle your problems,
Vouty also helps those most in need.
We donate a portion of our revenues for these projects:

Vouty adheres to a global consciousness that seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation throughout the globe

Zero Paper

At Vouty, we avoid over-printing. The trees are thankful.


All waste is disposed of in its proper place. Clean and healthy.


Working from home with borderless employees. Less is more.

Vouty's Founders

Gabriel Rezende CIO, Co-founder

A Microsoft Certified Specialist, my passion is to devise solutions that help make everyday life easier for people. Let's work together and get your project off the paper!

Daniel BC Fernandes CEO, Co-founder

Digital Entrepreneur, Specialist in Localisation, Technology and Innovation, Virtual Reality, and the Real Estate Market. Mission: Customer Success. Determined to help you on your project

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